Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Panic of Packing

Hello all! As you have no doubt noticed, I've finally sat down and set up the blog I plan to use while abroad in the great land of Guilin (forgive the title, it's a work in progress). While I should be using the time to continue packing, I've decided that making my first blog post is far more important. I mean really, who can think about toothpaste and deodorant when the blogosphere is waiting?

About packing - what appears to be a rather simple task is proving exceedingly difficult. I can promise that you know many people with a much larger wardrobe than I, and yet the decisions of what to bring and what to leave behind are running me ragged. Should I bring three pairs or jeans or two? This brown jacket or that one? I'm fairly certain the season finale of The Bachelor is less dramatic than some of wars waged in my closet this afternoon. Should I mix my toiletries throughout both suitcases or segregate them? How many books can I manage to take with me? (I refuse to purchase an e-reader, so should I come to regret that stance I'll be sure to let you know.) Furthermore, packing is certainly one activity in which being scatterbrained is a curse rather than an asset. I walk into my room intending to search for a USB wall converter, and emerge with two belts and a half-used tube of Airborne. I've just decided that I'll consider myself lucky if I make it to China with a change of underwear.

Sorry for a rather short and uneventful first post, but I'm starting to get anxious about my suitcases after thinking it all through again here. But since pictures > words I'll finish with one from my day here:

It may look unorganized, but... okay it's just a big mess.


  1. Such a mess! I want to lay down in it and roll around a little and nestle like a mole in dirt. Better yet, like Mole in dirt - the guy from Atlantis. He liked to nestle.

  2. Perhaps unorganized, but those are some sharp looking shorts I see there. ;)